What Amazing Support!

When you know Ryan, you love Ryan.

But it’s still a phenomenal thing to see support and love for him pouring out of the dimensions of time.  At Dragon*Con 2011, Ryan was voted Best In Show in the Hallway Costume Contest.  How can a brilliant costumer win when he’s laying in a hospital bed, you say?  When friends who love him enough to make FlatRyan, a large photograph of him as the Tenth Doctor, then enter him in the contest and let all others who care for him cast their votes!  So a big THANKS goes out to Ryan’s Army at D*Con who travelled around with FlatRyan, badge ribbons, and Doctor/Rose ribbons!!! (Also, the viewing of CNN’s coverage of D*C will show a certain Doctor and Rose in the background.)

A surprise for everyone came from Suzanne Raether, who sold a limited edition comic teaser of her novel to support Ryan’s Recovery Fund.  So a big THANKS also goes out to Suzanne, and you can check out the article here:


There are new shirts available in the Doctor Who variety on our “Support” link, which have already been getting rave reviews (http://movielover44.deviantart.com/journal/44084185/).


Welcome to the Fight

Ryan is in the hospital and will need all the support that he can get for his recovery.  It’s going to take a long time, so we’re looking for the best soldiers out there to join Ryan’s Army.  So be a trooper for Troop!  Join up to become a Prayer Warrior, a Financial Fighter, or both.  All positive thoughts are welcome here.